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20 Years of Experience and Reliability

Gen Group, a strong partner in project management and strategic business development, works to make difference in the international markets with exclusive representatives and collaborations. With its establishment in Ankara in 2008, Gen Group operates supply and engineering, which is its first service area. Early in 2010, it announced its success by taking part in large-scale power plants, gas distribution, and infrastructure projects locally and globally.



Gen realizes large projects by prioritizing needs and quality with the services it provides in many sectors.

Gen Group, which provides solutions in different sectors from supply services to the procurement of engineering, logistics, oil, and gas technical equipment, is a one-stop sourcing and solution partner that supports the successful goals of your projects with quality and the best deadline.

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Oil and Gas Equipments
Services for oil and gas, energy, and infrastructure projects
IT Solutions
Purpose-driven, professionally designed IT systems and infrastructure services
Logistic and Customs Operations
Highway, air, rail, and sea transportation, transit and heavy loads transportation besides the customs, handling and storage services for energy and infrastructure projects in international standards
Integrated Solutions
Turnkey service options and project-specific solutions in oil and gas, energy, and infrastructure projects
Personal Protection & Medical Material
One-stop supplier of personal protective and health equipment procurement
Commodity Trading
Optimized supply management for commodity products such as dry bulk, liquid, and gas

The Future Belongs to Those Who See the Future

Gen Group carries the companies and projects to the future prioritizing the needs and service quality. Time to make the future better together!

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