20 Years of Experience

Gen Group carries energy and infrastructure projects in Turkey and the Middle East to the future with high engineering solutions by supplying materials at international quality standards with an exclusive representation of global companies.

The Company has been successfully representing reputable international companies to provide their services to major customers in Turkey, as well as to major Turkish contractors in their projects in the Middle East.

Gen Grup established to represent foreign companies with the mission of supplying high-tech oil&gas industry equipment, services and know-how to support the fast developing Turkish Industry.

Today, we are proud to see that GenTeknik has grown into one of the leading supply and engineering company in this field with an ever increasing client base with "exclusive" reputable international companies in Oil&Gas business covering the major public and private.

Turkish organizations in the sectors of:

  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Refineries
  • CCPP Power Plants
  • Natural Gas and Petroleum Pipelines
  • LNG Terminals
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Metallurgical Industry

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Gen Group has an active role in oil and gas exploration/extraction, power generation, pipeline transportation, storage, and distribution services, as well as the technology, equipment, and service supply used in the processes of these works. Until today, these activities carried out in the oil and gas industry are the service areas that are the driving force for Gen to reach its sector experience and current volume.

Gen's experience in different sectors is a reason for the preference for the know-how acquired over 20 years in the supply management process. 

Because, at Gen, we primarily identify the needs in every area we serve, provide all the information and consultancy services required for the needs, work with solution-oriented approaches in the face of unexpected situations and make our customers and their projects successful.

The most important principle of Gen, which continues development and produces innovative solutions to reduce operational costs, is always to provide the best service.

Based on this principle, we continue to provide supply, integrated service solutions, and logistics support in one-stop sourcing to Turkish and foreign contractors who undertake independent projects in Turkey and Central Asian Republics.

In light of our commercial knowledge and experience in the national and international arena, we believe that our company is one of the few engineering companies in our country which provides standards in the field of oil and gas infrastructure and construction.

Contact our team for your energy and infrastructure projects in Turkey and the Middle East through well-equipped and skilled GenTeknik experts with strong business networks, experience, and technical knowledge.

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