Precurement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Health Equipment

Gen Grup offers a wide range of supply services, including health sector equipment, which allows finding many types of needs from the one-stop-sourcing address.

Thus, at Gen, we quickly supply the required materials with the desired features, superior fast service, and quality, thanks to the operational structure that was created to optimize the supply of PPE consumables.

We offer our customers opportunities to choose types or brands, we increase the product range by offering alternatives.

We offer our customers the opportunity to choose types or brands for personal protection and health equipment. We increase the product ranges and quality alternatives.

Among the products we supply that require hygiene and protection in the food, health, and packaging sectors, as well as masks, bonnets, caps, shoe covers, aprons, sleeves, overalls, examination gloves, pet gloves, and surgical covers. Thus, we provide our customers with effort and time saving to reach different types of products or services.

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COVID-19 Rapid Tests

Thanks to the easy-to-use COVID-19 tests, results are obtained in less than 30 minutes.

The biggest advantage of rapid tests is that there is no need for special laboratory equipment or scientific expertise as PCR tests do. In this way, the effort and time loss of sending the results to the laboratory for processing is prevented. Results can be obtained in 15-30 minutes and more people can be tested in a short time.

It helps to apply to more people in a short time and control the virus earlier.

Covid-19 rapid tests can be used in potentially contagious locations, big companies and workplaces, and public places such as airports, train stations, cinemas, theatres, stadiums, and concert halls.

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